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Episode 42 - Untitled Bojack Joker

T&M review Joker, season 6 of Bojack Horseman and Untitled Goose Game

M & T finally see the new Joker flick starring Joaquin Phoenix, who has the better Joker laugh, M or T? (its neither). They review the first half of Bojack Horseman season 6 (mild plot spoilers) on Netflix, what has Bojack gotten himself into now?! Finally, they review the cult hit indie game, Untitled Goose Game by HouseHouse. Look we're not going to lie, there's a lot of honking in this episode.


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Episode 41 - Living with Your Borderlands Politician

M & T review Borderlands 3, Netflix originals The Politician, and Living with Yourself starring Paul Rudd. T reviews Toy Story 4, Yesterday, and The Dead Don't Die

M & T have finally finished Borderlands 3 and chat the highs and lows before heading into true vaulthunter mode. They start watching Disenchantment season 2 and T has to sing his own theme song for T's plane reviews that are not plain but are on a plane - reviewing The Dead Don't Die, Toy Story 4 and Yesterday. M reviews The Politician on Netflix and they review the new Paul Rudd show, Living with Yourself! They chat the ethics of cloning, would you clone yourself?

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S1E40 - Episode 40 - The Disclosure of Big Mouth season 3! (SPOILERCAST)

M & T do a full breakdown of Big Mouth season 3 (Spoilers!!) including a small review of 1994 film, "Disclosure" (its topical, we promise!).


M & T break down their highlights of each episode of season 3 of Big Mouth. They chat the important social and psychos-xual topics throughout each character arc and episode including issues like academic pressure, female pleasure, navigating sexuality, stigma for bisexual men, toxic masculinity, and phone addiction.

Oh, and a great review of the 1994 flick, "Disclosure" starring Demi Moore and Michael Douglas, so you can get a full appreciation of the musical episode "Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!"

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S1E39 - Episode 39 - It's our BIRTHDAY!! And WoW, we're Workin' Borderlands 3!

M & T celebrate their FIRST birthday, chatting the best birthday episodes on tv. They review Tall Girl, Workin' Moms season 3 and relish in classic World of Warcraft and share some early thoughts on Borderlands 3.

M & T celebrate their F I R S T B I R T H D A Y ! ! ! That's right, its been one year of your favourite sub-par podcast! M chats the best birthday episodes and movie moments of all time. M reviews Netflix Original flick Tall Girl (spoilers for the relationship ending) and Workin' Moms season 3. They chat gaming business - they're back on classic World of Warcraft and have some early thoughts on Borderlands 3! T brings the episode home by talking about his favourite season 1 to season 2 episodes. What are your favourite birthday episodes or season 1-2 changes?

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S1E38 - Episode 38 - Sorry to Bother You, but there's Madness in the D23 Expo!

M&T review Sorry to Bother You, Madness in the Method and give you the latest updates from Disney at the D23 Expo

M & T discuss the D23 Expo announcements, ALLLL the Disney! M breaks down the fight for Spiderman between Sony and Disney and T dishes on the new Marvel shows (spoilers for Avengers: End Game) and expectations for the Star Wars show, Mandalorian. After a word about our "sponsor", M & T chat the Matrix reboot, and review the new Jason Mewes film, Madness in the Method and briefly discuss the surreal, award winning indie film, Sorry to Bother You. In games, M is excited about Untitled Goose Game and they also begin their endevours into classic World of Warcraft, so you may never hear from them again.

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Episode 37 - Orange is the New Yeet and Long Shot Suits for Monster Prom

T ruins 'yeet' for the youths, M gets obsessed with dating sims, and they review the final season of Orange is the New Black and Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron film, Long Shot!

T ruins the word "yeet" for the youths with grammar and M gets addicted to dating sim games. M & T review the final season of Orange is the New Black - once more they debate the responsibility entertainment has in telling stories about social change and share their views on a man-centred side of the #metoo movement in shows. They're surprised by the new Seth Rogen movie, Long Shot featuring Charlize Theron's amazing range, inspiring the quiz, 'guess that age gap!'. T starts watching Suits and plugs our "new sponsor". M (of course) has more Borderlands 3 updates leading up to its release. The poll results are in! So does M's dad look like John Wick? The people have had their say.

We also did a crossover with the Consolables over on AteBitCast - check it out! []

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Episode 36 - John Wick and the Very Bad No Good Fleabag Boys

M&T review John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum, Emmy nominated BBC show Fleabag, and Amazon Prime's The Boys, defend their right to go to Disneyland, and chat the new Wayan's flick.

M & T dig in on their right to go to Disneyland, discuss the upcoming and likely outdated Marlon Wayan's flick, Sextuplets and rewatch Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, did it hold up? They review the BBC 11 time Emmy nominated show, Fleabag and the new Amazon Prime show, The Boys - a superhero show with a bit of a twist and a fresh take on the era of superhero burnout we are living in. M gets into the amazing queer Netflix original film, Alex Strangelove. M & T watch the third installment in the John Wick universe, John Wick chapter 3: Parabellum (Parabens? Perineum? Parable? John Wick and the No Good Very Bad Day? M can't remember, its her first Jon Wick movie!). M comes up with a great new John Wick game, and poses the question, does M's dad look like John Wick? Look at our Twitter feed to have your say!

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Episode 35 - Comic-Con and Emmy noms!

M&T take you through the latest trailers, break down the Mavel Cinematic Universe phase 4 announcement from Comic-Con, and go through the biggest Emmy categories, who should win? Who WILL win?


It is pop culture Christmas with Emmy nominations and San Diego Comic-Con this week!

First, M&T chat new trailers including The Witcher, the eerie Cats, Top Gun sequel, more details on Picard, the gritty looking The Kings Man (Kingsman prequel), Jay and Silent Bob Reboot - will it be outdated? As well as Westworld season 3, and a snippet of the next season of Rick and Morty. Next, M & T chat the big Comic-Con reveal, phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! T takes us through what to expect in the next few years from Marvel, who are half of these people? We'll tell you! Lastly, M goes through the major Emmy nominee categories (Best acting, directing, writing, animation) and they discuss who they want to win and who will likely win... Until T gets bored halfway through.

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Episode 34 - Hatoful Vice Stranger Spiderman gets Whiplash

M&T review Vice, season 3 of Stranger Things, season 2 of Future Man, Whiplash, a spoilercast for Spiderman: Far From Home and M reviews Hatoful Boyfriend.


M&T review season 2 of Future Man, and they head back to Hawkins to review highly anticipated season 3 of Stranger Things (Spoilers for season 2). M spends too long on holidays and watches the next season of You Me Her and the Bold Type, and gets confused about the show The Boys, and Good Boys, both involving James Weaver. T wraps up gameplay for Days Gone, and M starts Pocket Camp and has her first playthrough of Hatoful Boyfriend with a tragic ending. If you were making an animal based Otome game, what would it be? M&T chat about the upcoming Thor 4 ("Thour"), the delightful 'happy together' Super Smash Bros homage trailer for Borderlands 3, and the overreaction to the new casting of Arial for the Little Mermaid. They bring it home with a review of the award winning film, Whiplash, Vice, and wrap up the podcast with a SPOILERCAST review of Spiderman: Far From Home! We let you know when to switch off if you don't want to hear spoilers for Spiderman or Avengers End Game.

FACT CORRECTION: M can't read U.S. dates. The Boys on Amazon Prime comes out 26th July, not 20th July. Duh.

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Episode 33 - Always Be My Gone, Mortal Futureman

M&T chat Aussie theme parks, head to the theatre to see Puffs, and review Always Be My Maybe, Future Man (s1), Days Gone on PS4 and Mortal Engines

---EPISODE 33---

M & T switch it up this week with a review of Australia's own movie themed park...Movie..World (and Dreamworld!) have you been since you were a kid? They also head to the theatre for the hottest unlicensed show about a boy wizard, Puffs! T's plane reviews that are not plain but on a plane are back with Mortal Engines, and an ongoing review of Days Gone on PS4. They both review Netflix's Always be my Maybe and season one of Hulu's Future Man (directed by Seth Rogen). T ponders what dystopias would happen in our lifetime. What do you think is most likely to get us all?

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