Good Pop/Bad Pop

S1E38 - Episode 38 - Sorry to Bother You, but there's Madness in the D23 Expo!

M&T review Sorry to Bother You, Madness in the Method and give you the latest updates from Disney at the D23 Expo

4 years ago

M & T discuss the D23 Expo announcements, ALLLL the Disney! M breaks down the fight for Spiderman between Sony and Disney and T dishes on the new Marvel shows (spoilers for Avengers: End Game) and expectations for the Star Wars show, Mandalorian. After a word about our "sponsor", M & T chat the Matrix reboot, and review the new Jason Mewes film, Madness in the Method and briefly discuss the surreal, award winning indie film, Sorry to Bother You. In games, M is excited about Untitled Goose Game and they also begin their endevours into classic World of Warcraft, so you may never hear from them again.

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