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S1E39 - Episode 39 - It's our BIRTHDAY!! And WoW, we're Workin' Borderlands 3!

M & T celebrate their FIRST birthday, chatting the best birthday episodes on tv. They review Tall Girl, Workin' Moms season 3 and relish in classic World of Warcraft and share some early thoughts on Borderlands 3.

4 years ago

M & T celebrate their F I R S T B I R T H D A Y ! ! ! That's right, its been one year of your favourite sub-par podcast! M chats the best birthday episodes and movie moments of all time. M reviews Netflix Original flick Tall Girl (spoilers for the relationship ending) and Workin' Moms season 3. They chat gaming business - they're back on classic World of Warcraft and have some early thoughts on Borderlands 3! T brings the episode home by talking about his favourite season 1 to season 2 episodes. What are your favourite birthday episodes or season 1-2 changes?

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