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Episode 37 - Orange is the New Yeet and Long Shot Suits for Monster Prom

T ruins 'yeet' for the youths, M gets obsessed with dating sims, and they review the final season of Orange is the New Black and Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron film, Long Shot!

4 years ago

T ruins the word "yeet" for the youths with grammar and M gets addicted to dating sim games. M & T review the final season of Orange is the New Black - once more they debate the responsibility entertainment has in telling stories about social change and share their views on a man-centred side of the #metoo movement in shows. They're surprised by the new Seth Rogen movie, Long Shot featuring Charlize Theron's amazing range, inspiring the quiz, 'guess that age gap!'. T starts watching Suits and plugs our "new sponsor". M (of course) has more Borderlands 3 updates leading up to its release. The poll results are in! So does M's dad look like John Wick? The people have had their say.

We also did a crossover with the Consolables over on AteBitCast - check it out! []

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